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Smokey Panda Pants


 Cotton Nylon. The Smokey Panda pants are super light fabric and breathable. The legs zip away into shorts. The upper leg features the smokey skoot fabric and lower leg is reflective that when under flash reveals our skoot logo. The pockets have metal zippers and on left leg we featured a chain link with removable hook. Stretchy waist band and neon green zip tie for added comfort.

Size (cm) S M L
Waist 75-104 80-109 85-114
Hip 107 112 117
Length 97 99 101
Thigh 69 71 73
Crotch (Front/Back) 36/47.5 37/48.5 38/49.5

Male (H)186cm (W)65kg: Wearing “S size”

Female (H)164cm (W)48kg: Wearing “S size”