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Smokey Panda Hoodie


100% Cotton. The Smokey Panda features our new signature skoot smoke pattern. It comes with 2 embroidered skoot logo patches on the chest. The Panda ears are pierced with two metallic crosses. The arms are removable and the waist has a zip tie to shorten it to a crop. The back has a gigantic demon sketch patch as well because why not! Don’t sleep on this one! It’s super custom and we really challenged our design team and manufacturer to rework this piece.

Size (cm) S M L
Bust 67.5 72.5 77.5
Waist 65 70 75
Length 72.5 74.5 76.5
Arm Width 62 63 64
Width 64 66 68


Male (H)186cm (W)65kg: Wearing “S size”

Female (H)164cm (W)48kg: Wearing “S size”