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Factory Explosion


100% Cotton. The Factory Explosion T got its name after the factory boiler exploded. This is a limited release due to the factory exploding. Yes, the Factory that made this "actually" blew up (no one was hurt) and this was the fabric that was reclaimed. The tie die gradation is incomplete. Its never coming back lmao! Because I don't think anyone can actually make it like this again. The shirt features a large thumbs up Therapy Smiley on the front and our signature neck band. "Everything goes wrong, and that's alright."

Size One-Size
Length 62 cm
Should Width 38 cm
Bust 122 cm
Waist 122 cm
Arm Width 54 cm

Male (H)186cm (W)65kg: Wearing “One Size”

Female (H)164cm (W)48kg: Wearing “One Size”