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Free Therapy Sweats


100% Cotton These come with a MASSIVE Therapy smiley silicon print. Drawstrings down the legs to adjust length in case you need to run faster. On the other leg it features our skoot logo with korean writing. Translates to "Skoot Apparel threatening the whole world." On the back side is a hand tagged star set :) We can never just make anything simple or ordinary because how does that draw any ATTENTION!

Size (cm) S M L
Length 94 97 100
Waist Width 66 69 72
Hip Width 97 100 103
Crotch Length Front 42 46.5 50
Crotch Length Back 47 51 54
Thigh Width 58 62 66
Bottom Width 21 25 29
Band Width 4 4 4

Male (H)186cm (W)65kg: Wearing “M size”

Female (H)164cm (W)48kg: Wearing “M size”